Crawley Local Parks

Crawley Local Parks

We hope you enjoy your stay in Crawley. Here are details of local parks which you can visit to enhance your stay. They are all located within a five to ten minutes drive of Crawley town center.

Bewbush Water Gardens & Ifield Mill

Bewbush Water Gardens are fed by Bewbush Brook since creating a large pond which supports beautiful white water lilies and other aquatic plants.

Tilgate Park

Tilgate Park is just a short five minutes drive from Crawley town center. A large park combining natural woodland, ornamental trees, large lake and childrens play area.

Voted number one children's attraction in Sussex by readers of the Evening Argus.

Home to the Smith and Western themed restaurant which the kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy.

Tilgate Park also boasts a childrens zoo containing Domestic – White Park Cattle, Ponies, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Canaries, Poultry as well as wildlife such as Deer, Wallabies, Red Squirrels, Water Voles, Cranes, Bald Ibises , Owls, Pheasants, Ducks, Geese and other birds, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Newts, Frogs, Tarantulas and Stick Insects.

Broadfield Park

Broadfield Park combines both ornamental gardens and landscaped lawns in the grounds of Broadfield House.It is located across the A23 from Tilgate Park,

Goffs Park

Goffs Park is the oldest of Crawley's Parks. It is set in over 50 acres and is just a stones throw from Crawley Town Center. Ideal for a relaxing walk.

Memorial Gardens

The Memorial Gardens offer a haven of peace and quiet in the middle of the busy Town Center.

After leaving the County Mall shopping Center by the side exit you can pass through the gardens on the way to Argos, Marks and Spencers and a host of other shops on the northern side of town.

Southgate Playing Fields

An ideal location for the kids to let rip located close to the town center. It offers everything from bowls to skateboarding, including an area of ​​natural woodland for BMX cycling.

Worth Park / Milton Mount Park

The old English country garden atmosphere still remains at Worth Park, with its Fountain Garden, Sundial and Camellia Walk.

There is a beautiful lake where fishing is also permitted.

West Green Park

An easy walk from the Town Center, facilities at West Green Park include tennis courts, childrens play area and ice cream kiosk.

Maidenbower Park

Maidenbower park includes a large open play area which is also ideal for picnics, as well as a pleasant cental cafe.

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Samoa – An Itinerary For a Week In This South Pacific Paradise

If you are looking for a beach vacation on a tropical white sandy beach, overhung with coconut palms, then this is your island! Or should I say ….. islands. Upolu is the main island where Apia, the capital, is located. Savaii, the larger island is quite a different experience, and not to be missed. There are several more smaller islands dotted along the coast.

While you will want to spend much of your time on one of the glorious beaches, there is more to do in Samoa. Below is a suggested itinerary for a week. You would be best to hire a car for sightseeing. You will want to take time each day to relax around a pool, or at a beach. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the many wonderful, open air restaurants and RELAX!

Day 1 – Arriving at Faleolo Airport, you will instantly feel the heat! Consistently around 26-27 degrees Celsius, night temperatures dramatically below below 23 degrees. It is about a 45 minute drive into Apia. You will immediately start to relax, with your first experience of colorful villas and crystal clear turquoise water stretching to the white foam of the reef. Once you have settled in, it is a good time for a brief wander around the town, or sampling a Vailima beer, around the pool. Inquire which night the Fiafia is held. There are usually only one or two nights weekly when hotels put these on, so you need to plan in advance.

Day 2 – Morning – Explore Apia, including the markets. There are two markets – the Beach Rd Market on the waterfront near the Tusitala (Kitano) Hotel is for

  • clothing
  • lavalavas
  • tapa cloth
  • carved wooden goods including the traditional kava bowl
  • jewelery made from shell, coconut husk and seeds

You will find that generally they do not bargain. Ask if they will give you a cheaper price for two and they will involuntarily reply that their boss is not here today so they can not do this. It is worth walking down to Marketi Fou the fruit market, where you can wander amongst the locals as they do their normal daily shopping. Samoa does not have tropical fruits such as pineapples and mangos year round. They have two three week seasons annually. Bananas and oranges are always available, with other fruits such as passionfruit, guavas and vi fruit at different times.

Afternoon – If you are keen to snorkel, Pololo Deep is on the edge of town and the only beach near Apia. You will find it best at mid to low tide.

Day 3- Morning- Visit Vailima, home of Robert Louis Stevenson, on Cross Island Road. He was Samoa's much loved Tusitala – "teller of tales", and lived here for the last few years of his life. You can look through the wonderful colonial house which has been restored, and do the 40 minute walk to the top of Mt Vaea, Stevenson's final resting place, with magnificent views over Apia.

Afternoon – After lunch it is a good time to take a forty minute coastal drive out to Piula for a cooling swim in the freshwater natural pool, which flows into a cave. Situated in the grounds of a beautifully renovated church, you can enjoy the pool, looking out to sea over the narrow rock wall, that separates the two. The pool closes at 4. o'clock, when the local women bring the washing from the boys church boarding school down, and the fish come out from their hiding places.

Day 4 – All Day – Hire a car and drive over the hill, through the rainforest.Have a look at the Bahai temple at the top of the hill, then go and down to Coconuts Resort where you could have morning tea or lunch. Leaving Coconuts, follow the coast road back to Apia, via the many villas and beaches.If you have time to detour to Togitogi Falls, they are beautiful.Or you may like to come back via Papasea – Sliding Rocks. Best when there has been a lot of rain.

Day 5 – Morning – Take the car ferry to Savaii. There are many accommodation options from beach fales at Stevensons or Janes, Savaii Lagoon ….. a middle option or Le Logoto for a more luxurious experience.

Afternoon – Only 2 kilometers along the road is Satoalepai village – where you can swim with turtles. This is a very beautiful place, and while the turtles are in captivity, they have a big pool, and are well cared for. They are very friendly, and it was a highlight of my trip.

Day 6- All Day – Drive around Savaii – Plan to stop at

  • Saleaula Lava Fields – an amazing insight into the effects of the eruptions of Mt Matavanu between 1905 and 1911.
  • Alofaaga Blowholes – You will need to check the tides as you will want as near to full tide as possible for the best viewing of the blowholes.These are some of the best you will see anywhere in the world! You will pay $ 5WS each which includes a local guide.
  • Carry on to Vaisala Hotel via villas, and beaches. This is the best option for a meal, unless you take a picnic basket.
  • Stop at the ruins of the village destroyed by Cyclone Ofa.

NOTE: You will want to allow plenty of time for photo stops. This is a very photogenic country, and Savaii has some wonderful spots for photographers to indulge their hobby!

Day 7- All Day – Experience a night in a beach fale. This could be on Savaii, or after taking the ferry back to Upolu, around the coast where you have several choices of beach fales. If basic is not for you, you may prefer upmarket Seabreeze Resort at Paradise Cove, with excellent snorkelling and probably the best view of live coral on the island.

Day 8 – To Airport

Source by Gail Gillespie

Cost Vs Value When Booking a Vacation

When it comes to saving money on a trip – when is the value of using a travel agent worth paying a little more than the price you find online?

Unlike booking online, when you book with a travel agent, you are getting much more service than you will with an online agency. Our job does not end when we deliver your tickets to you – it continues with our assistance while you are traveling and when you get home. How you may ask?

Here are a few examples of actual client travel problems that the value of using a travel agent outweighed booking by themselves.

We booked a family on a vacation package to Cabo. They had connecting flights and called us because their first flight leaving was delayed by several hours, causing them to miss their connecting flight.They called us from the airport because they were concerned that the company that their transfers were through would not be at the airport to pick them up. We contacted the supplier who changed the flight times and made sure the transfer company had the new information.

Clients from Georgia were supposedly to fly Feb. 13, 2010 to San Juan for a cruise leaving at 10 PM on Feb. 14. At 8 AM on Feb. 13 they called us in a panic. It was snowing, their flights were taken and the airline told the clients that they would not be able to fly them out until Monday.

Thankfully they could drive to Florida and we found flights on another airline Feb.. 14 that would get them to the cruise ship with plenty of time to spare. We saved them San Juan hotel, found a hotel in Orlando for her that would allow them to park their car for free for the duration of the cruise and shuttle her back and forth to the airport. Our client said if she had booked this on her own, she would not have known what to do and would have been heartbroken at not being able to travel. Since she had also purchased travel insurance, we started a travel delay claim for her to be reimbursed for the difference in the flight prices, plus her expenses for gas, tolls and meals to get back and forth to the Orlando airport. The forms were waiting for her when she came back from her cruise.

A few years ago, we had clients who had booked a trip and cancelled their trip a month before the date they were to leave for a reason that was not covered by travel insurance. The supplier was adamant that the cancellation was non-refundable. We intervened and were able to obtain a partial credit to book another trip within one year so the client did not lose all their money.

Today a client sent us a price quote for a vacation to Punta Cana asking if we could beat the price. She priced the vacation with connecting flights from Philadelphia and on her return, she chose a flight that left Punta Cana at 7 AM. We asked her if she realized that to make that return flight home she would have to be at the airport by 4:30 AM to ensure she would have enough time to get through Security. She had no idea she would have to be at the airport that early. Not only did we beat the price, we found her direct flights for less than she was quoted through the online agency and her return flight left at 1:05 PM.

What other value do we provide when you book with us that you will not get from booking online? We send you destination information, advise you of the documentation you need to travel, give information on optional excursions, send you helpful hints and last minute reminders and we are available 24 hours if you have a problem while you are traveling as evidenced above. We follow up with you when you return and if there was a problem that needs to be addressed with a supplier, we will get involved to try and find a satisfactory resolution.

Is this kind of service worth paying a little extra for?

Source by Neil Maley

Cheap Hotel Accommodation In Central London

London has a reputation for expensive hotel accommodation with very little cheap budget hotels. OK so what is cheap. For the purposes of this article lets define cheap as below 100$US per night, (60 pounds sterling in local currency) for a standard double/twin room with all taxes paid.

Most of the hotel accommodation in this bracket is termed ‘bed and breakfast’ hotels. This can be misleading to the unaware. No it’s not a cosy family owned guest house with personal attentive hosts, traditional English breakfasts and home-made offerings, commonly available outside London. The vast majority are small hotels with 20-50 rooms, staffed by immigrants on very low salaries with very simple rooms, seldom lifts and ‘continental breakfasts’. That is not to say that these establishments should be avoided, but there are an awful lot of poor quality ones.

The main cheap hotel districts in London are Bayswater, Victoria and Kings Cross. Here you will see lots of these bed and breakfast hotels together in clusters. An ensuite double or twin room with breakfast in these areas is around 70-100$US

Kings Cross has a poor reputation, it used to be notorious for drugs, crime and prostitution. That is all largely behind it now and it’s a district on the up, the whole area is being rejuvenated and Eurostar Trains will terminate at Kings Cross station in 2007. The bed and breakfast hotels are all around a garden square immediately opposite Kings Cross Station. Kings Cross is no more than a mile from the West End, the central entertainment area of London, and there’s lots of public transport on your doorstep.

Bayswater is on the northern border of Hyde Park, London’s biggest, and within a mile are Oxford Street, Kensington Palace and Paddington Station, (terminus for the Heathrow Express airport link. Bayswater is a traditional budget area and a great place to stay for the cost conscious traveller. Bayswater High Street (Queensway) is host to a great variety of economical restaurants and shops. Everyday supermarkets, launderettes etc are commonplace.

Victoria is very central, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye are all within walking distance. The cheap hotels are south of the railway station, stretching from the coach stations to Pimlico Underground. The area is pleasant and safe.

Room rates are highly variable. In the depths of winter, rooms may be discounted as low as 50 US$, but be warned these tend to be of the hotels of the worst kind. Most of the hotels will also discount less at the weekend.

Some of the better bed and breakfasts include the Montana Excel and Howard Winchester Hotels in Kings Cross, the Central Hotel in Victoria and the Blakemore and Annur Hotels in Bayswater. Some of these may be advertised as three star hotels – beware in small print you may notice the words ‘self rated’.

Source by Bob Handford

Finding a Reliable Transport Operator for Day Trips, Excursions and Weddings

Whether you are going out on a day trip, organizing an excursion or a wedding ceremony it is important you hire a reliable mode of transport that will take care of all the hassles associated with traveling and time keeping. Using a reputable coach hire service would be an ideal choice for making your trips and ceremonies enjoyable and memorable.

A day trip offers a chance to relax and take a break from the normal humdrum work routine and demanding lifestyle. And to make your day trip a pleasant and relaxing experience it is worth considering renting a coach. This will allow you to take your family members, friends and collections along with picnic kits, hiking gear, sightseeing equipment – practically any accessories you require. It also allows transportation of everyone at the same time ensuring no one gets lost.

Another problem to overcome by hiring a coach is that it includes a knowledgeable, well trained driver who will take you to your destination without you worrying about the directions and routes so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

When it comes to organizing a school trip or an excursion, it becomes quite difficult to attend to a time line that is already set in place. The schedule has to be followed strictly to make sure that children get to see everything, have sufficient time for taking their lunch and get back to the school at the right time. A professional coach hire company will ensure that a proper vehicle is provided to accommodate all the children, lunches are kept at a proper temperature and, the excursion runs smoothly and on time.

Weddings are aa special occasion, cherished for a lifetime. However, organizing a wedding ceremony is not an easy job to do and one of the most difficult but important aspects of the wedding function is to manage the guests. Imagine how things can go easily wrong when guests do not get to the ceremony on time or can not find a parking space at the location of the function or simply get lost on the way? Plus, what about the issue of drink driving and expensive taxi fares? That's where the services of a reliable private coach hire service comes into fore. A coach can be arranged to pick up guests from the airport, or a hotel or a central agreed meeting point and return them back again safely after the function. Let guests relax and enjoy the special day even before they arrive, right from the journey.

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Garage Door Tips and Information

Your garage door is one of the largest working components in most homes and need some TLC just like any working component in your home. Some problems can be fixed by the homeowner. May times the chain or drive shaft just needs to be oiled. We recommend spraying a good lubricant like Liquid Wrench as it is Silicon based lubricator. Also make sure your sensors are properly aligned. This can cause the door to not open or shut properly. We have found on many of our service calls that the door is not closing or opening properly because of the sensor alignment or the remote has lost connection with the opener itself. You also want to make sure the track of the door is moving smoothly up and down as well and there is nothing that is in the path of the rollers.

Some problems with garage doors require a lot more attention and can not be fixed by the homeowner. One of these fixes is the door springs themselves. These are one of the major components that go out in the functionality of a door. There are 2 types of springs; they are the Torsion Spring and the Extension Spring. Neither of these should be changed unless you are a trained professional. There can be serious dangers with trying to change these as a typical homeowner that is not properly trained. They both have built up energy in the springs and we have seen some serious injuries come from not properly changing the springs. You should contact a professional to change your garage door spring. When a spring goes out you can flip the manual switch by pulling the cord and manually open and shut your garage door, but it is very heavy. Your spring is the most common problem with outages and it always looks to happen at the worst times. You could be running late to an appointment, going to the airport or just do not have the money to get it fixed. Check around for some specials from different companies, but be careful about some that have a really low price for replacement. Many times that is just for the cost of the spring and then they charge you labor on top of that. Ask questions before you hire the company to do the work.

We have installed many track home and custom home garage doors and we offer a lifetime warranty on all the parts. Look for a company that is offering some kind of warranty to install or fix your door. A trained professional will be able to install the tracks, opener, sensors and of course the panels depending on the type of door. There is a lot of information that can be found on the web as to specific problem you are having. We have recommended many clients to do a Google or Yahoo search, or recommended a specific article to show diagrams of what the actual problem could be. This way the consumer is educated on the problem and can decide if they want to fix themselves or hire a trained professional like us.

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Enjoy Luxurious Traveling With Executive Jet Charter Services

Air travel has reached new heights with charter services all across the globe. Various companies related to aircraft management and aviation offer varied types of exclusive private jet services for their clients as per their needs. The private jet charter companies manage as well as run a fleet of aircraft or jets which are very plush and offer proper business ambiance clubbed with entertainment. There are many benefits associated with the executive jet charter services, you will seem them mentioned below.

The customers or clients who avail executive jet services obtain best-in-class safety, services and security through a well-maintained aviation infrastructure of different private travel companies. They help in maximizing the time and productivity of the client as the private jet charter services are available any time anywhere; all you need is to look for them on the Internet.

An executive jet charter is an ideal choice for both leisure traveling or for corporate trips because it completely eliminates all the strains or hassles associated with air travel. The companies offering different luxury travel services have a fleet of privately owned, swanky aircraft, which give all the pleasures of relaxed air travel and make you reach your desired destination right on time.

Every air travel service is bound to give you the most excellent leisure, lifestyle and luxury every time you hire them. They hire the professional flight coordinators to deliver a flawless service to passengers as a concierge. Several of the executive jet charter providers even arrange for ground transportation when you arrive at the airport. You can enjoy the best cuisine as per your taste while traveling, with the finest catering offered by different privately owned jet travel companies.

You can also make your air travel a complete luxury with the preeminent private charter planes at a very nominal price. There are unique private travel services help you to avoid rush and save time at commercial airports. So you are free from the hassle of standing in long security lines and baggage-check lines.

You can have the safest and finest air travel with plane charter services and avoid delayed flights too. They predict that the future of private aviation industry is executive jet charter services. The employes commit to providing you with a complete peace of mind when you are flying in the air. Check out the finest private travel services and companies for modern and safe air travel.

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CLARIDGE's Hotel London


Claridge's is a five star hotel located in London's prestigious Mayfair district, and is a short walk away from Hyde Park, Mable Arch and shopping on Bond Street. Renowned for its exquisite Art Deco characteristics and modern finishes, the foyer of the hotel is furnished with a Chihuly glass sculpture and engraved glass screens from the 1920's. Designed by David Collins, the onsite bar at the hotel is complete with a glass glass chandelier and a silver leafed ceiling.

The 203 guestrooms at Claridge's are appointed with modern amenities to include satellite channels and pay movies, refrigerators, mini-bars, marble bathrooms, televisions, premium bedding, newspapers, wireless internet access among others. Dogs are permitted in guestrooms and turndown services and cribs are available upon request.

The hotel also offers a gym, which has hardwood floors, glass columns, a juice bar and even serves breakfast at additional costs. The spa at Claridge's offers a plethora of beauty services and massage treatments. This 5 star property provides a host of business services and event facilities and can accommodateate 2-800 guests. Shuttle bus services are available at a surcharge. Other services offered by the hotel include laundry / dry cleaning services, tour assistance, wedding services and currency exchange.


Claridge's has a history that spans over 200 years and was first known as the Milvert's Hotel in 1812 . A few years after its absorption, it was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Claridge, who owned a smaller hotel next door. The two hotels combined were referred to as "Milverts of Claridge's", until they decided on the current name. The hotel was sold to the founder of the Savoy Hotel Richard D'Oyly Carte in 1894, who then transformed the buildings into what they are today. Claridge's was redesigned by George Trolloppe & Sons in 1898, and featured en suite bathrooms, lifts as well as a host of modern amenities.

Acclaimed actors, directors and celebrities have stayed at Claridge's to include Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt, Mariah Carey and U2 amongst others. The hotel has attracted undue attention for its Christmas tree displays during the festive season. Some of these trees were designed by Kally Ellis (McQueens), and John Galliano.

Rooms and Suites

The 203 guestrooms (including 67 suites) and two penthouse suites at Claridge's are individually designed by famed designers including Linley and Diane von Furstenberg. Theses accommodations are divided into several categories, which include superior queen, twin and deluxe king rooms. The suite options offered are Deluxe Studio, Deluxe Junior Suite, Mayfair Suite, Deluxe Mayfair Suite, Mivart Suite and the Claridge's Suite. Signature suites include the Prince Alexander Suite, Grand Piano Suite, Davies Penthouse, Brook Penthouse and the Royal Suite. All the accommodations at Claridge's are equipped with state of the art entertainment systems and tons of luxurious amenities. Rooms are spacious in the range of 32 sq. m / 344 sq. ft and 50 sq. m / 538 sq. ft, while the suites measure in between 56 sq. m / 602 sq. ft and 267 sq.m / 2874 sq. ft.

Dining and Bars

Claridge's has two restaurants and two bars, which serve tantalizing cuisine and are set in a stunning ambience. Dominated by tea connoisseur Henrietta Lovell, Afternoon Tea is an award winning restaurant at the hotel and is open for sweet pastries, warm scones and of course tea. It is inspired by décor dating back to the early 1930's and is located in the foyer of the hotel.

The Foyer & Reading Room is the other dining option at Claridge's, and has been frequented by several prominent faces over the years. The interior of the restaurant features breathtaking grandeur, and is open for cocktails, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Showcasing an interior designed by David Collins, Claridge's Bar offers a rare collection of rare spirits and wines, which include vintage champagnes. Steeped in history, Fumoir at Claridge's serves a wide range of cocktails and is located behind a 1930s Lalique panel fitter door. The main restaurant at Claridge's is run by award winning chef Gordon Ramsay along with signature chef Steve Allen.

Health Club and Spa

The health club and spa is located at the top of the hotel, and offers excellent beauty treatments, which are rendered with class leading beauty products. The health club offers unobstructed views of London's skyline and offers personal fitness and training.

Business Services and Events

Claridge's caters to a wide range of business meetings and private events such as parties, banquets and conferences. The function rooms at the hotel can accommodate anywhere between 4 and 800 guests and there are 9 stylish configurations to choose from. For business and corporate events, the hotel provides an extensive range of equipment to ensure every event is a success.


Claridge's is located in one of the most prestigious slices of London, on the corner of Davies and Brooke Street in Mayfair. It is 50 minutes by car away from London's Heathrow Airport and 1.5 hours away from Gatwick International Airport. The London Underground, National Rail and International Rail Stations are located 5-15 minutes away from the hotel.


Claridge's offers bespoke concierge services that are geared towards couples and families alike. Designed by acclaimed British design workshop Linley, the Map Room at Claridge's is the perfect setting for global business travelers. It features everything to stimulate the mind including a library of books and elegant furnishings. The hotel also offers airport transfers to and from all London Airports. For families, Claridge's offers myriad activities to keep kids entertained, which include arts and crafts and computer games. Other facilities of the hotel include doctors on call, 24 hour room service and an exclusive children's menu in the restaurants.

Source by Sidney A Fernandes

Beach Resorts And Villas For Exotic Holidays

When planning a vacation especially one you’ve been waiting to take for long, the accommodation becomes an important consideration. Vacations to exotic lands like Sri Lanka – land of sun and sand – are best enjoyed in villas and beach resorts. Why? It is within these beaches that all the holiday fun is hidden.

Lining the seashore, beach resorts are in a perfect location and with the perfect climate, you have plenty to enjoy. Holiday villas on the other hand, are also located in prime locations either closer to the beach or in proximity to the city. The best thing about them is that they offer you enough privacy and space all through your stay. They are of a huge variety and you can choose the one that you feel will work for you and the others travelling with you.

When choosing resorts and villas as accommodation options, a few factors must be taken into consideration. These factors will guide you in making the right decision at the end of the day. We’ve also included recommendations for Sri Lankan beach resorts and villas on these lines.

The Location:

Even if you are settling for the beach resorts, you must decide whether you want one that is at a beach front or a beach back. The location of your accommodation will determine the environment you are exposed to throughout the holiday stay. The location can also determine the climatic conditions and accessibility to important facilities. The Club Palm Bay Hotel is a watery paradise overlooking the sea. Surrounded by lush gardens and a lagoon, it is a good destination for those considering a peaceful and rejuvenating holiday. The Weligama Beach resort has the beachside as its backdrop. It is also in proximity to the provincial center Matara.

Accommodation Amenities:

These are the amenities you can enjoy in the privacy of your room. Facilities offered include appliances such as refrigerators, hair dryers, desks, baby cribs, coffee makers and internet among many others. By looking at the amenities you have at your disposal, you will find it easier to choose according to your needs thereby ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free stay. Paradise Road The Villa Bentota is a villa-styled boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. It has 15 rooms and suites done up luxuriously and fitted with modern amenities. The accommodation amenities include air conditioning and Wi-Fi among others. They also have a private pool, a restaurant, shops and airport transfers.

The Facilities:

The resorts and hotels will of course offer you different facilities within their locations. They play an important role on what you can do and enjoy during the holidays. For instance, consider the availability of a restaurant, bar, fitness center, spa and a hair salon among others. Among the Sri Lankan beach resorts, Era Beach and the Club Palm Bay Hotel Blue are the ones to go for if you love adventure and activity. Owing to their location, they offer water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, boat rides and game fishing.

The Rental Rates:

The charges differ for boutique hotels, holiday homes, resorts and villas. If you ask for more privacy, you should be willing to pay a higher rental rate for your room and the facilities that come along with it. For instance, going for a villa is more costly than choosing a hotel room. On the other hand however, you stand to enjoy more privacy and flexibility in one compared to the other. When looking at the rental rates, therefore, weight your options on the basis of the facilities being offered to your for a particular rental charge. You, however want to go for something that you can comfortably afford.

The Green Rooms and Meedum Villa are two budget-friendly guesthouses and villas in Sri Lanka. If you’re looking for a beach resort, Udekki and Paradise Beach Hotel won’t dent your budget. Those willing to step-up their budget can choose between Amanwella Resort and The Fortress.

Source by Shalini Mittal

Hotels in Abu Dhabi Near Airport – Enriching Your Stay in Every Way

Chosen as the Middle East's safest city by the 2011 Mercer Quality of Living Index, Abu Dhabi is one of the most prosperous cosmopolitan in the Gulf. Largest among the seven emirates in UAE, this capital city is popular all over the globe for its natural mangrove forests, unscathed beaches, astounding landscape and incredible infrastructure. Growing as a major tourist and commercial attraction the metropolis has come up with many luxurious developments in the recent past. From the massive white marble Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix formula 1 circuit, the city has been working on luring expats to its man-made marvels.

Abu Dhabi is also known as the economic and political powerhouse of UAE, as it houses all the federal government offices, eminent financial institutions and multinational corporations. Thus, there is a huge inflow of travelers, both leisure and business into the city through the year. Most of these Jetsetters prefer to stay in Hotels in Abu Dhabi near the Airport so that they can be in close proximity to the exhibition center, beaches and the fascinating Emirates Palace. All of these tourist hotspots can be reached within half an hour's drive from the location of these inns.

Most of these hotels in Abu Dhabi near the airport are immersed in luxury and welcome every guest with warm Arabian hospitality. The strategic location of these lavish lodgings makes them a part of the vibrancy of the city life as well as keeps the visitors close to the beauty of the beaches. Ostentatially designed, the rooms here are spacious and offer special amenities for a comfortable and relaxed stay. Being one of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi, these properties provide several special packages and deals for travelers that can be easily booked online.

Taking care of all your requirements, these hotels indulge guests with their fine dining experiences. You can choose to fever on gourmet delights at the rooftop and watch the sun set in the back of high-rise buildings or relax in the lounge bar with an assortment of spirits and wines at your service. Enjoy a variety of sumptuous authentic platters served by the professional staff here and savour a hearty meal in absolute affluence. You can also unwind with family in the outdoor swimming pools or Mollycoddle yourselves with a refreshing and blissful Moroccan bath at the wellness and beauty centers. There is no condemning the fact that you will be flabbergasted by the warmth, extravagance and magnanimity of these boarding options in the middle of the desert.

So whether you are planning for an exciting getaway with family or an important business trip, these best hotels in Abu Dhabi will make sure that you have a memorable time in the city.

Source by Richa S Singh