A Recession-Proof Life – Practical Tips

An old Irish Pastor Tom of over 15yrs with a very large successful ministry … who already prayed all night 3 days a week decided to stop talking / preaching / cancel all engagements and search his own heart for six months and have his own jurisdiction seat of Christ now when he could do something about.

"I want to know the worst of myself before it is too late?" He said. This was a tough period for him but he later said this period saved his future life. Most people continue to be in debt simply because they have not attempted the self-examination and are too much in the status quo to even consider alternatives. They can not see the grip of the debt-dominated life driven by Lifestyle media advertising and fashion and worldly pursuits as well as pleasures derived by satisfying traditions and embracing costless Christianity. Let me close with some initial tips.

1. Prepare a budget of all your expenses for the next 3 months. Then audit all the items and reduce listed expenses by 50%. Do this with your spouse if married.
2. Identify 5 things you have already planned to buy that you really do not need.
3. Go on a fast from shopping for clothes, electronics and browsing thealls for 3months
4. On that next business trip, do not buy impulsively at the airport or on the plane.
5. Consider less expensive local tailoring adjustments rather than investing in imported clothing and suits.
6. Decide to buy everything with cash … say NO to debt like you say NO to sickness.
7. See debt as an attacking enemy that will devour your future.
8. Decide to find 3 new financial habits contrary to common behaviors eg

a. A dual income for couples may not always be optimal … you may actually save costs by having your wife or husband being at home managing the economies … saving on childcare, business wardrobe, home maintenance costs

b. Get rid of that expensive office and those staff simply devouring your inflows … there are many businesses that can be run very effectively from your home with a great internet connection.

c. Scrap those club membership costs and cancel those expensive subscriptions.

Get back to God … pay your tithe, be generous in offers … give to the orphanage, the poor or that prison ministry … surprise your parents with an unexpected cash gift. Remember, there is a cost to every adjustment – as the prodigal came back he was surprised at how easy it was … his father showered him with a surprise welcome that left him gasing with amazement. As you leave the swine … I pray that you will be surprised at doors that open to you and you will be wondering … why did I not think of this earlier?

Find the adjustments that are easier first … then progress to the tougher things. Remember debt is not of God and the danger is not that you will not be able to pay back but that you deny yourself the entitlement of divine provisions and prefer instead the food of swine. Let this recession wake you up and lead you to your Divine inheritance … expect God to show up with a welcome surprise party.

Source by Olabode Ososami