Nomex Flight Suits – For People Who Live Life on the Edge

Improved over the decades, thanks to the extraordinary technological advances, Nomex flight suits are the must-have apparel not only for pilots and airport police but also for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Skydiving, Paragliding and even parachute jumps range among the most popular adventure sports. And one can’t enjoy the thrill of gliding unless certain conditions are met. Enthusiasts know that keeping safe is essential, which is why sports lovers all over the world are now so fond of the highly protective and ultra-light Nomex flight suit.

The advantages of Nomex gear

Nomex is a material made of nylon fibers that has become indispensable for the manufacturing of safety equipments and flight gear. It was invented by the DuPont, American Chemical Company in 1960, and it started being manufactured in 1967.

Among its outstanding benefits for flight use we should mention:

– Excellent durability thanks to the presence of aromatic backbones;

– Resistance to fire;

– Ease of use and perfect fit – suits fit without the need to bind in parachute harnesses or seat belt;

– Protection against UV radiation;

– The ability to keep warm in the very cold atmosphere at high altitudes.

– Breathable material that prevents the body from overheating by allowing air to circulate.

Nomex overalls and flight suits are often made on special order, and it could take between 1 to 3 weeks to manufacture one. While most manufacturers have standard sizes in a variety of colors, the gear can be designed specifically to fit your measures.

The military generally use green and dust colors for camouflage, yet, variations of the military flight suits do exist from country to country.

Nomex suits are not a fashion statement!

Why choose Nomex gear for sky sports?

They are not fashionable, they are highly expensive, yet they keep you safe!

Body exposure to the cold air and UV radiation in the upper atmosphere is very hazardous. Flight suits create a protective barrier between the harsh outside environment and the wearer’s body.

Nomex flight suits make an excellent choice for lots of adventure sports enthusiasts like those who want to fly on hot air balloons, glide or skydive. The multiple pockets of Nomex suits allow for keeping lots of gear items handy for immediate use, and this practicality makes a difference when up in the air.

Nomex gear doesn’t make any fashion statement; it’s just simple, practical and safe. Wearing it for a Top Gun fantasy would be a problem!

Criticism of civilian use

Criticism has sometimes been formulated against the use of Nomex flight suits by civilians, because they are unworthy of the “uniform”. However, there are no restrictions or regulations that limit the use of protective gear to the military.

Besides sports adventurers, other categories of civilians wear flight suits without any problem: aircraft engineers, mechanics, non-military personnel flying in helicopters, pilots on civilian flights and so on.

Nomex flight suits are now manufactured in a variety of colors for non-military use. Skydiving, gliding or parachute jumps appeal to adrenaline lovers, but everybody should understand the importance of keeping safe even in extreme conditions.

Source by Alan Landry