A Future of Flight Education in Everett, Washington


Have you ever wondered how Boeing puts together the massive 747 jets and other commercial airplanes that fly in and out of Seattle-Tacoma International airport and others worldwide every day? The Future of Flight Tour in Everett, Washington, gives visitors the opportunity to see how commercial jets are assembled, step by step. The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour is the only place in North America where you'll find a publicly available tour of a commercial jet assembly plant, giving children and adults a unique opportunity to learn the inner workings of a Boeing jet.

The tour starts with a 28,000 square foot Aviation Center Gallery. The Gallery includes an Airplane Design Zone, where you can bring a commercial jet design of your own to life on the interactive touch-screen computers. Kids can even print their final jet airplane schematic to take home. The design process teachers children all of the technical details of jet aircraft construction and flight.

The Passenger Experience Zone gives visits a sneak peek of the new 787 Dreamliner's in flight entertainment system. The modern new jet includes flat screen HDTVs in the cabins and fold down TVs behind each chair. Once you've walked through the new jet, Boeing sends you to their Research Experience Lab to ask for your opinion as a potential passenger.

For curious science-minded visitors, the Future of Flight Tour offers a Flight Systems Zone. The Flight Systems area satisfies the curiosity of those who wonder "Just how did this plane get up so high?" during flight. The tour includes complexities of avionics, navigation and hydraulics. Children who start to yawn at learning about the level of air compression on the wings that makes a plane fly can be dropped off in an aviation play area. The kids zone is filled with aviation toys for children as young as toddler age.

Jet engine technology has drastically changed since its initial launch in commercial airplanes. The Future of Flight Tour's Propulsion & Jet Engine Zone shows video animation and real-life examples of parts and engines to commercial jets through history to today. The most modern exhibit shows the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 jet engine, which launched for its flight in December of 2009. The Trent 1000, currently flying in Boeing 787s, is the quietest, cleanest, and most fuel-efficient airframe in flight.

The Future of Flight Tour stays true to the name by launching a visitor in to the future of aviation and jet engine technology. The future focuses on sustainable, environmentally sound jet engines using alternative fuel. According to Boeing, the future of renewable jet fuel may not be far off.


Source by Lauren Lawton