Car Rental in Muscat – What You Should Know Before Taking to the Road


Do you know that you can get fined for driving a dirty car rental in Muscat? Yes, this is how different driving in Oman can be from driving in your home country. To avoid getting into trouble, pay attention to the following information.

Car Hire Prices

Rented vehicles can set you back anywhere from 11 OMR to 50 OMR. Naturally, expect to get what you pay for. If you're on a tight budget, you may choose to get an economy car which comes with manual transmission and without air conditioning. This can be a big problem, however, because Muscat is quite hot especially in the summers. For a comfortable ride around the city, get a decent vehicle, preferably a 4WD. This will most likely set you back 30 OMR or more.

If your destination demands it, go for a 4×4. Otherwise, it's best to get a saloon, which is much cheaper.

Speed ​​Cameras

Expect to find a speed camera every 2 kilometers in Muscat. Do not make the mistake of thinking these speed cameras are not active just because they look like they do not work; they do. Locals say the tolerance of these speed cameras is up to 19 kilometers per hour.

Subways and Footbridges

In the old days, reckless speeding is a big problem in Muscat. This prompted the government to construct foot-over bridges and subways. At present, there are roughly 10 subways in Muscat, and you can find them in the following areas:




Al Sahwah Tower

Al Athaibah

Al Nahdah

Wadi Al Kabir

Muscat has a lot of foot-over bridges, too, and you should look out for them in the following places:


Al Athaibah

Al Khuwair

Carrefour City Center (Seeb)

Muscat International Airport

Al Hail



Parking is typically free on Fridays. However, you should always make sure to keep 50 baizas or so on hand, for the meters. Half an hour of parking costs 50 baizas. Certain areas in Muscat, notably Qurum and Muttrah, require you to pay for parking space.


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The 5 Biggest Differences Between the US and Europe


So, to the meat and potatoes ( arroz y habichuelas in Puerto Rico)! These observations are purely facts (with a little bit of my opinion thrown in) and not listed in any particular order. Thanks for reading this far! I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest. Of course, I have to mention that I did lump Europe, a continent composed of 50ish countries (depending on your political views), into one entity, but I was careful to select things that I have personally seen and experienced in at least a couple different countries in Europe. So, that should count for something, right?

1. Smoking
I remember a time in the US when you would go to a restaurant and they would ask you, "Smoking or non-smoking?" Now, everything is non-smoking. Most public places are smoke-free zones. As a non-smoker, I love this. However, moving to Europe may not have been the wisest place to move for a non-smoker who is bothered by the smell.

The Europeans smoke – in public, at home, or wherever they want. Granted, there are some locations where you'll see a no-smoking sign, but they're a few and far between, especially if you want to go out for nightlife. And even if there is no smoking indoors, there are, without fail, at least three smokers sitting right in front of the door of whatever non-smoking establishment. Europe seems to be receiving the "smoking is bad for you" rhetorical and scientific evidence to back it up, just a little bit later than the US. Although, I am aware that France is aggressively tackling the issue and has seen decent results.

2. Driving
I can not say with any confidence that European drivers are worse than American drivers. I can say that certain driving expectations are different and therefore affect how drivers act. For example, on European highways there are not exports every 12 miles with food and gas options, like in the states. Or, that Americans will pass you on the right side, but this is blasphemy in Europe. Or, that you can turn right on red in America, but this is illegal in Europe. And, my personal / least favorite, there are no highway cops, and any ticket you'll get will come from a (sometimes cleverly hidden) camera on the side of the road that flashes a bright white light of guilt at you, and you get to lament speeding, all the way home.

3. Food
Americans are the undisputed champions of food consumption. Food is cheap and accessible. The grocery store in the states is quite similar to a European grocery store, but just add two more cereal aisles, a full chips-candy-soda aisle, three more health food aisles, remove the wine and beer aisle (s), and voila , the stores are identical.

At restaurants, if you order a large meal in the states, you expect to take home what you did not finish. In Europe, typically the rations are not large enough that there will be any food left, but if you request to take the food home you may received some confused stares, and may possibly leave empty handed.

4. Nature Calls
In America, if you gotta go, it is quite easy to find a restroom at a gas station or a public place (excluding New York). In Europe there are several countries that charge you to use the toilets at gas stations and in public places, but there are some others that simply do not even have a toilet to offer. If you are accredited to not going before you leave the house in the states, when you travel to Europe, I would not recommend taking that chance.

5. Customer Service
We all knew it was coming. Anyone who has been to Europe (or Europeans who have visited the US) knows that most European countries are not known for their stellar customer service (* cough, cough * France & Germany * cough, cough *). Shoot, if you have ever seen a movie or hear someone else talk about their trip to Europe, you probably know that!

A poor customer service experience in Europe is one of those things that is not always as bad as it sounds, but it will for sure happen to you at least once; just like in the US! But, the differences are the motives and your recourse. In the US, customer service in restaurants is over-the-top because waiters work for tips. In Europe, they do not, so kissing your butt is not vital to their livelihood. Also, in Europe, there is no Better Business Bureau, so if a bank teller or store owner is rude to you, you just have to suck it up and not shop there anymore.

So, what do you think?
If you visited Europe and the US, what differences have you seen? Am I 100% right or only 99% right?

Thanks for reading!


Source by Timothy Maxwell

World's Top Golf Resorts: Train and Play for Your Vacation!


The finest golf resorts in the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean can be your choice for your next vacation. Make it a train-and-play golf vacation! So many package deals are available to make your trip much more than a break from your routine. A golf vacation will be a practical experience of improving your golf game, enjoying a phenomenally peaceful and luxurious setting, and visiting a different state or a different country! This planning guide will point you to some of the best-rated golf resorts in the world.

Whether you absolutely book for yourself or through an experienced golf travel specialist, begin your research online where you can find premium golf courses and travel bargains. Rates, resort amenities and golf course details are available. But look further for the packages that include airfare, hotel accommodations and green fees to get your best value. The typical packaged Golf Resort Vacation will include most of these features:

  • Airfare
  • Resort Accommodations
  • Confirmed Tee Times
  • Prepaid Green Fees
  • Shared Cart for 18 Holes
  • Equipment Rental
  • Golf Lessons
  • Meals at Exclusive Restaurants
  • Transfers to the Course
  • Transfers to the Airport
  • All Taxes and Service Charges

Golf courses are planned in lovely surroundings where you can take in sea breezes or views of lush vegetation, and you can combine golf with other resort amenities to provide a well-rounded vacation.

For instance, try one of the many glamorous Club Med Golf Resorts with beautiful fairways in the most unforgivable, inviting locations around the world. Club Med offers deals including the best equipment and golf lessons for all levels! Its locations include Cancun, Mexico, as well as Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Other locations span the world: Turks and Caicos, Mauritius, Portugal, France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, and in the United States – Sandpiper Bay, Florida.

Scotland has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world and there are approximately 100 resorts, called "golf hotels," among the 500-plus golf courses throughout the country. Best known are Turnberry, Gleneagles and The Old Course Hotel St. Louis. Andrews. Each of these spa, leisure facilities, excellent restaurants and "golf tuition" packages for all levels.

Mexico has numerous golf resorts perched in luxurious coastal locations. There are golf resorts at Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. Also, Mexico has its championship Baja version of California's famous "Pebble Beach" golf resort, called Bajamar, only a few hours' drive from San Diego in Ensenada.

For the United States, check online for some of the golf resorts recommended by key magazines such as Golflink 's which publishes The Top 100 United States Golf Courses. This issue ranks the best out of more than 21,000 public and private golf courses across the country. However, within that one hundred courses, you want to search for the resorts with package programs and golf lessons. Among the top hundred, you will find that the main vacation-destination states with golf resorts are in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas. Let's review these states for their best locations:

  • In sunny, always temperate Florida, Club Med's Sandpiper Bay Golf Academy offers 2-day and 3-day golf courses. The Academy includes all aspects of the game, such as Chipping, Putting, Bunker, Pitching and Lob Shot, Full Swing with Irons and Woods. A video analyzing your swing is provided, as well as an optional video comparing your swing to that of a pro player. Also, the area within and around Miami has regional golf resorts for year-round vacationing. Each resort offers on-site amenities and services, both on and off the course, and minutes away from major Miami attractions, like South Beach and Miami MetroZoo. You will have a multitude of options during a golf vacation here.
  • Arizona has a climate that is suitable for many months of the year and Scottsdale has nearly 200 golf courses, many with the picturesque backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. It is a golf destination with golf schools and pro shops. Here, many resorts offer high-quality accommodations and championship golf courses. Most golf resorts offer packages where hotel guests can have discounted green fees. Also, Sedona, Arizona, offers numerous golf resorts with a mild year-round climate and spectacular red-rock scenic views.
  • In California, Pebble Beach has been known for being a small coastal golf destination nestled in beautiful Monterey County. It is home to the prominent Pebble Beach Golf Links, the Pebble Beach Lodge and the pristigious Inn at Spanish Bay. Each year, golfers return to rub shoulders with golf professionals and experience nature at its finest on the magnificent golf course laid out by leading golf course designers. The harmony of golf layouts and the majestic coast are awe-inspiring!
  • Another golfer's paradise is conveniently located along the south Atlantic coast at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It combines natural beauty and world-class golf on a barrier island 12 miles long and five miles wide. Nicklaus, Palmer and other golf legends have regularly played these championship courses. Since the first course opened at Sea Pines in 1961, there are now emerald links at Harbor Town and outstanding courses in Bluffton, as the Hilton Head area has become a major golf center. It is legendary for its spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, scenic marshes, and maritime forests with abundant wildlife. The temperate climate and year-round sunshine also makes Hilton Head Island the perfect place to tee off.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, is quietly emerging as one of the United States' fastest growing golf destinations amidst the glitz and glamor of its casinos. The city's huge convention center and innumerable hotel rooms make it a natural haven for large-scale golf events. With the year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, and plenty to do after a full day of playing golf from gambling to seeing entertaining shows, this golf destination will continue to grow.
  • CNN ranked Austin, Texas the No. 1 city for golf in its of 2010. Framed by the Texas Hill Country, Austin's golf courses are among the best in the United States. The region is highlighted by the Wolfdancer Golf Club which was named No. 2. 56 in Golfweek 's top 100 resort golf courses in 2009. In addition to being a great contemporary music city, and home of numerous celebrities, Austin offers vacationing golfers great barbeque, an idyllic, year-round climate and luxury accommodations.

Your best package deal will be at all-inclusive resorts, where air flight, lodging, meals and golf activities are rolled into one price. On the other hand, consider traditional hotels and resorts in the locations recommended. With a little online planning, one of the finest golf resorts in the world can be your affordable choice. Enjoy the location, the exploration of the region while you improve your golf game and provide a joyful, well-rounded vacation for your family and loved ones!

(c) 2012 Elizabeth McMillian


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Car Rental Safety During Traveling


What do I need to do before I leave the rental lot?

You're in a big hurry now that you're getting the car, but take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this new car.

Check the car for interior or exterior damage.

Find the lights, radio, wipers, turn signals, cruise control and side mirror controls before you leave the lot.

Set the seat and the mirrors to a level where you are comfortable.

It's also a good idea to study the map and find the route to your destination before you begin driving.

Insurance is a good thing to already own

Taking a risk may be good with poker or with your stocks, but when it comes to renting a car, do you really want to forgo insurance? Sure car rental insurance is complicated (even the counter agents do not know everything), but it is an unwisely decision to drive without a safety net. Your cheap car rentals might not be as cheap as you think they are if you option to buy the car rental agency's insurance.

The best way to answer your questions about car rental insurance is to check with your credit card company, personal and auto insurance carrier, and the rental car company itself. Be advised that you should not feel pressured to buy the rental company's insurance. Why pay for something you might already have? Take the time to check your own existing policy first. Note that there could be certain restrictions to your own policy and that certain rental vehicles might not be covered. If you're thinking about renting that Jaguar, you might want to reconsider if your own policy will not cover such a high-end vehicle.

It is unfortunate to note that rental cars are moving targets for theft. However, most rental companies have recently stopped labeling their rental vehicles with their corporate logos. It is a good idea to ensure there are no logos or stickers on your particular rental car. If there is one, you could ask for their immediate removal.

Here are some safety tips:

  • Always be wary of pulling over, especially if it is dark or if you are unfamiliar with the territory.
  • Never exit your car until you are sure that the situation is safe.
  • Keep all your luggage in the trunk. Do not draw attention to the fact that you are a visitor.
  • Stay on the main roads and stick to your planned route.


Source by Daniel Reed

A Future of Flight Education in Everett, Washington


Have you ever wondered how Boeing puts together the massive 747 jets and other commercial airplanes that fly in and out of Seattle-Tacoma International airport and others worldwide every day? The Future of Flight Tour in Everett, Washington, gives visitors the opportunity to see how commercial jets are assembled, step by step. The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour is the only place in North America where you'll find a publicly available tour of a commercial jet assembly plant, giving children and adults a unique opportunity to learn the inner workings of a Boeing jet.

The tour starts with a 28,000 square foot Aviation Center Gallery. The Gallery includes an Airplane Design Zone, where you can bring a commercial jet design of your own to life on the interactive touch-screen computers. Kids can even print their final jet airplane schematic to take home. The design process teachers children all of the technical details of jet aircraft construction and flight.

The Passenger Experience Zone gives visits a sneak peek of the new 787 Dreamliner's in flight entertainment system. The modern new jet includes flat screen HDTVs in the cabins and fold down TVs behind each chair. Once you've walked through the new jet, Boeing sends you to their Research Experience Lab to ask for your opinion as a potential passenger.

For curious science-minded visitors, the Future of Flight Tour offers a Flight Systems Zone. The Flight Systems area satisfies the curiosity of those who wonder "Just how did this plane get up so high?" during flight. The tour includes complexities of avionics, navigation and hydraulics. Children who start to yawn at learning about the level of air compression on the wings that makes a plane fly can be dropped off in an aviation play area. The kids zone is filled with aviation toys for children as young as toddler age.

Jet engine technology has drastically changed since its initial launch in commercial airplanes. The Future of Flight Tour's Propulsion & Jet Engine Zone shows video animation and real-life examples of parts and engines to commercial jets through history to today. The most modern exhibit shows the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 jet engine, which launched for its flight in December of 2009. The Trent 1000, currently flying in Boeing 787s, is the quietest, cleanest, and most fuel-efficient airframe in flight.

The Future of Flight Tour stays true to the name by launching a visitor in to the future of aviation and jet engine technology. The future focuses on sustainable, environmentally sound jet engines using alternative fuel. According to Boeing, the future of renewable jet fuel may not be far off.


Source by Lauren Lawton

Pre-Book Your Airport Taxi Transfer


When booking an airport transfer it is important to bear a few facts in mind. Booking in advance, over the Internet can save a lot of time, energy and trouble. Sometimes when arriving in a foreign land, taxicabs will not be metered and will want a pre-paid or pre-agreed fare. These pre-paid fares can be extortionate in value as well as service. Often the time taken for a journey can be short, but the fare is distinctly overpriced. Through my experiences traveling through Asia, through Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, taxicab fares have been up to 5 times the price paid by a local. When arriving at airports the tourist can often be jet legged, tired and confused, whereupon the unscrupulous taxi driver will take advantage of the dazed traveler, haranguing them into his taxi.

This very story happened to me a few years ago. I remember distinctly traveling from Hon Soi Square in Bejing and in my chagrin and naivety, I paid nearly 5 times the price to what I should have. Taxi drivers will often hustle the weary traveler into their cabs, and in their tired desperation, in their jet laged stupor, they agree to the outrageously overpriced fares, in their haste to get out of the sun, and towards a cold shower. This was a lesson I learned the hard way. My taxi driver did take me to my agreed destination, but not before driving me to near the Hebei Province and back, through backstreets and alleyways, in an attempt to justify his expensive fare. After a few weeks in the town, I realized that the taxicab had driven an incredibly convoluted route, in an attempt to hide his shaving prices. For those traveling on a budget, sometimes the difference in fare can mean a shelter stay, or being content with inferior accommodation. However I learn my lesson well, and in future, I decided to prebook all my airport transfers in advance, over the Internet, to avoid such unscrupulous dealings.

I have had other friends in similar situations. One friend in Ho Chi Min City Vietnam, was transferred to rather an unsavoury part of town, due to a language mix up with the driver. As he had prepaid the fare, he had little choice when the driver demanded he vacated his cab, and was promptly, rather unceremoniously, dumped at the side of Phu My Hung. The driver looked his head in anger when my friend demanded his money back, but abdicated all responsibility, thread his luggage to the side of the road, and drove off at speed with his hefty profit. Rogue taxi drivers will often wait in wait at airports, agreeing with the traveler that their taxes are metered, but once in the taxi they demand their fare.

When exhausted from long haul flights, the last thing the busy traveler or business executive wants is to argument the odds over a hot and humid taxi journey. Pre-booking airport transfers was the best decision I ever made. I implore you, when traveling to exotic climates, pre-book your airport transfers; they will save you a tremendous amount of hassle and time, making your journey as stress-free as possible. Pre-booked taxis can appear more expensive, but believe me, from the experiences I've had, they are ridiculously cheap.


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Leading Private Jet Charter Operators


Flying with the airlines can be a time consuming as well as risky proposition for businessmen as well as for people of wealth. If you absolutely, positively must get somewhere fast you are putting your trust in a system that is overcrowded, inconvenient, and failing when you fly with the airlines. What are your options? Rent or lease a private jet. The following list features some of the leading private jet charter operators in the US

Atlantic Aviation Flight Services

Automotive Air Charter

Avjet Corporation

Business Jet Services

Clay Lacy Aviation

Delta AirElite

Elite Aviation

Executive Jet Mgt

FirstFlight Management LLC



Jet Aviation

Key Air

Million Air

New World Aviation

Petersen Aviation

Priester Aviation


Regal Aviation

Richmor Aviation

TAG Aviation

The Air Group

Trans-Exec Air Service

One common thread with each of the operators is that they fly large cabin aircraft. This group is defined by – but not limited to – the following types of aircraft:

Gulfstream 450; 550

Boeing Business Jet

Canadair Challenger 604

Bombardier Global Express; 800

Falcon 2000

In each case you get the security of having two highly trained FAA licensed pilots and you can opt for a corporate flight attendant to provide cabin services and safety assistance. These are no King Airs, Lears, and Westwinds you will be flying. Many rent for $ 7000. per hour on up, but when you are talking about closing on a merger or acquisition in the morning in Dallas and being back in your Boston office in the afternoon, the price is inconsequential.

There are also several operations that will allow you to purchase a portion of a jet. No, you do not get a wing only, rather – much like a timeshare – you get to use a private jet operated by one of the providers. Chief among these specialized providers are:



Flight Options


A third option is to approach one of the private jet aircraft brokers who will arrange the trip for you. Chief among these types of providers are:


Gold Jets


Marquis Jet


All in all, private flying is where it's at. If you live in the New York area, you can fly out of convenient Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and land at Van Nuys Airport near Los Angeles. By avoiding Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark airports you save precious time and land unruffled in LA Who can put a price tag on that?


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The Safest Bus Charter Companies


You may be wondering how to go about choosing a safer bus charter company for the group. There are many considerations to have in mind, including safety and reviews. There are questions that you should ask yourself when you are evaluating the bus charter companies so as to guarantee that your group will be safe throughout your tour.

Research the safety ratings

You need to take your time when you are choosing bus charter companies. The first thing to do is look them up in the reliable lists to get real ratings. These sites ensure that you get the most effective ratings regarding safety. These bodies monitor the vehicle performance and the drivers every month. Find out about the safety record of the company and how the appropriate bodies rate it. The highest rating is usually satisfactory. If a company ratings are conditional or unsatisfactory, then you should avoid it completely.

The requirements of the driver

Find out how the bus charter company defines driver requirements. When you are hiring such a company, choose the one that has the safest and the most reliable drivers. There are some entities that come with standards for the drivers. The bus operators should be licensed appropriately. Their hearing and their vision must also be great and a physical exam is needed occasionally. Maturity is yet another rule that is set by some companies. In some areas, there is a need for the driver to be 21 years or older.

Find out how drivers deal with fatigue, and if there are extra drivers to assist. Find out about the regulations of the company and the number of hours in a day that a driver can work. Find out more about the policies that are in place such as doing drugs and so on. The best companies handle very intense and rigorous background checks on their drivers.

Breakdown procedures

It happens to the best buses in the market. They can break down without warning, even when they are fully serviced. This can happen anywhere. Find out what the company does in such an event. The best bus companies have access to networks that can provide maintenance and they should be members of various associations that could help in such a case. It is better to choose a company that can avail another bus in case such a thing happens when you are on the road.

Customer reviews

There are so many websites available today that can offer an insight into the operations of certain companies. This can include the business-oriented sites, forums, and even social media. You can get very rich reviews. As such, you should research the best and most highly rated bus charter company that operates in your area.

Proof of inspection and insurance

It is important to ensure that the charter you chose comes with enough insurance. There are some places where the policy amount is specified. The insurance cover needs to be current and an insurance certificate should be available for perusal. A good company should have no problem opening up their facilities for the clients to view.


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Advantages of Traveling by a Charter Bus


It takes a lot of time and effort to make arrangement for travel, especially if you planning to travel with a group. The first thing you have to do is look for a vehicle that can accommodate a lot of passengers. Alternatively, you may go for several vehicles and drivers. But if you want to be on the safe side, we suggest that you try out a charter bus instead. This way you can enjoy loads of benefits. Some of them are given below.

1. Eco-Friendly

According to some people, buses account for most of the pollution as they consume a lot of fuel. This is not true. The fact of the matter is that buses burn a lot of less fuel compared to cars or other smaller vehicles. Let’s explain this with an example. Suppose you have 50 people in your group. Now, you can hire either a bus or 10 cars at least. if you go with the second option, you know that 10 cars will burn a lot more fuel than one bus. Aside from this, ten cars will add to the traffic on roads and may cause traffic jams as well. So, it’s a good idea to reduce burden on the environment by renting a bigger vehicle.

2. Save Money

Another great advantage that you can enjoy is cost-effectiveness. There will be less burden on your wallet if you travel on a bus. After all, it’s more affordable to rent a chartered bus than making arrangement for ten cars. So, if you divide the cost among the tourists, you will see that the amount each person pays is a lot less. On the other hand, other travel options may not be as cost effective. On the surface, a chartered vehicle may sound more expensive, but this is not the case. So, if you have a lot of people to travel with, it is the best option.

3. Better Safety

Unlike cars, charter buses offer more security. According to statistics, they are less likely to face accidents. Aside from this, you may suffer a serious injury if your car or bike crashes into another car or vehicle. On the other hand, you will be a lot safer on a bus. The thing is that these big vehicles follow safety stands in a strict manner. Plus, their drivers are a lot more careful.

4. Convenience

You can stay relax throughout the trip because the driver will drive for you. You won’t have to worry about the route, stopovers and parking. In the same way, you won’t have to organize the group to ensure that all of them reach the destination in a timely fashion. All you can do is focus on the scenery around you and everything else will be handled by the driver.

So, if you want to enjoy all of the advantages mentioned above, we suggest that you choose a chart bus for your next tour or trip. After all, you want to get the most out of your trip.


Source by Shalini Madhav

The Top 5 Sights to See in Spain


Of course, no one visits Spain to merely look at the interior of a hotel. Rather, they will wish to out and about and explore what the city has to offer. Considering the city has hundreds of years of cultural history associated with it, there are quite a number of amazing things to see. Is it possible to narrow down the top sights to explore?

We can try. Here are five of top sights to see when in Barcelona:

Agbar Tower: While the city of Barcelona is one rooted in history, the Agbar Tower remains a symbol of the future. This is a skyscraper that maintains a science-fiction inspired look and looks to be a giant silver rocketship. In a way, it might seem like a rocket ready to travel into the sky. A truly breathtaking sight, this is a building to gaze making it a must see tourist attraction.

Sagrada Familia: From the future, we turn our eyes back to the past and this amazing giant temple is truly an amazing image of Spain's unique past. The construction of this temple started in 1882 and it is still ongoing. In many ways, this makes it the most unique of all historical sights because it remains a work in progress. You could say the past, present, and future are fused with its construct. And yes, it is a marvel of architectural design.

Barcelona Aquarium: Aquariums are always very interesting places in which to visit and no two aquariums in the world are the same. This particular aquarium remains one of the most intriguing due to its very unique inhabitants. Those that are traveling through Barcelona must definitely visit this aquarium even if they are only remotely interested in aquatic life.

The Picasso Museum: There are certainly a wide range of museums in Barcelona and each museum has its own original material to present. This particular museum is considered by many as being one of the most important museums in the entire world. Obviously, the preservation of the work of Pablo Picasso contributes to its great appeal. There are other amazing works of art in the museum which also presents truly thought provoking material which enhances the incredible allure of this museum.

Parc Guell: This municipal garden was built during the years 1900 – 1914 and it remains a visual marvel to this very day. Those that would wish to see an amazing botanical park like no other in the world will certainly wish to venture here. There literally is nothing like it elsewhere and it remains a true treasure of Barcelona.

The five sights listed herein only cover a fraction of the amazing venues and attractions in Barcelona, ​​Spain. No matter how long you stay in this city, you may never be able to see all its incredible uniqueness.


Source by Gaizka Pujana