7 Weird Hotels Around The World

Have you ever wanted to stay in a hotel that is a little … well … different? There are a few hotels around the world that offer guests a unique experience, so if you're bored of staying in your typical hotel and want to stay somewhere with a difference, consider trying out one of these weird hotels around the world.

Jumbo Hostel, Sweden
Spend the night in a real jumbo jet at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. But you will not be cramped in a tiny airplane seat. Instead you can stay in a choice of private rooms and dorm bed options, with ensuite bathrooms and a bar and restaurant on board. The most luxurious room in Jumbo Hostel is the exclusive Cockpit Room which takes up the entire top deck.

Das Park Hotel, Austria
Located in Ottensheim, Das Park Hotel has unique rooms that are made out of large concrete drain pipes. They are certainly cozy but have everything you need including double bed, windows, storage space and electricity.

Capsule Hotels, Japan
A very popular accommodation option in Japan are the capsule hotels … that's right … there is not just one. These budget friendly rooms are exactly as they sound – they are slightly larger than a coffin and stacked one on top of the other. Consider it like a fully enclosed bunk bed with just enough room to sleep.

The Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey
Located in the beautiful Cappadocia region of Turkey, the Gamirasu Cave Hotel is actually an ancient Byzantine monastic retreat that has been converted into a hotel. As a guest you are treated to the unique opportunity to stay in a cave that has been converted into a hotel room.

Hobbit Motel, New Zealand
Since New Zealand is the place where The Lord of the Rings and the upcoming Hobbit movies were filmed, it makes sense that they have the very first Hobbit Motel. Located in Waitomo, the Hobbit Motel offers self contained rooms with kitchens and private bathrooms, and they are all built like little Hobbit homes.

Hôtel de Glace, Canada
Located in Quebec, the Hôtel de Glace is a hotel made entirely out of ice that has to be built each winter. Obviously you can not stay here all year round, but during the winter you can stay in this temporary ice marvel, where even your bed and furniture is made out of ice.

Poseidon Undersea Resort
Located on a private island in Fiji, Poseidon Undersea Resort is the world's first underwater hotel. This luxury resort is only for those with a lot of cash to spend, but for your money you get luxury rooms located completely under the sea, with huge glass windows that look out into the coral filled tropical waters of Fiji.

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Limo Services For Every Occasion

Whether traveling to a honeymoon, corporate event, prom, business meeting, wedding or simply for a vacation, limo service is one of the best options for transportation provisions. The limo offers a reliable, efficient, professional and relaxing mode of transport.

Toronto companies offering this are equipped with the most up-to-date vehicles that have the latest technological advances. They also offer a wide diverse fleet with different styles, colors and sizes for customers to choose from.

Limos are designed to accommodate large and small parties of people there before selecting the limo that suits your style and event is an easy task. Most companies Offering Limo Service have the best models of vehicles to give you a great traveling experience. The Cadillac Escalade and Hummer limos can hold about 25 people. Additionally, they have dance floors that are beautifully lighted up. Other great limo models are Navigator, stretched Lincoln Towncar, Chrysler 300 limo featuring Lamborghini doors and beautiful dance floors, Excursion SUVs, Ford F550 stretched limos and Sedans.

Traditional cars such as Hummer H3, Chrysler C300, Lincoln navigator, Jeep excursion and Baby Bentley limos offer affordable limo services at a low cost. When searching for exceptional limos, search for new vehicles, dependability and quality provisions. Avoid second-rate Limousine Services and old out of fashion vehicles. Get a Toronto limo provider that guarantees quality customer provisions. The limo chauffeurs should be attentive to the needs of customers and should be professional, courteous and safe.

Various companies offer contemporary state-of-the art limos featuring amenities like video players, TVs, fiber optic displays and stereo systems. Companies offering limo services ensure that the vehicles undergo servicing and are maintained in the highest standards so that safe traveling is guaranteed. If planning to visit Toronto, view the city in great style using limousine services. Different limousine companies vary according to rates and fleets.

Whether the cars offered are exotic or stretch limos, they should meet the needs and standards of the client. Toronto companies offering limousine services should ensure that the limos are spacious enough so that they can accommodate the clients that travel as a group. Limo companies have the duty of ensuring that the safety of clients is maintained. The limos should be equipped with safety features like air bags, safety belts and shock absorbers.

Limousine services should always be accessible to potential clients. Therefore, limo companies should advertise their provisions and even partner with prospective clients. Limousine service providers should update or create their websites in order for the information relating to the company getting to the prospective clients. To ensure that quality service is offered to you, look at the wide variety of fleets offered then select a well-maintained, pleasant, clean and comfortable limousine.

Whether one requires transportation from the hotel to the airport or just wants to view the Great Toronto Area, limos are the perfect choice that promises luxury, style and comfort. Whether in a large limo or luxury sedan, services are unmatched with other vehicles offering transportation services. Limo drivers are some of the finest, driven and articulate professionals in the transport industry.

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Parking Your Car at Glasgow Airport

The Glasgow Airport is positioned within a short distance from the city center. To reach the facility by car takes approximately 20 minutes. The airport lies north of the M8 motorway and is excellently connected to major highways serving the surrounding area. The airport has one terminal which features three piers, Central (Domestic), East (Lo-Cost & Ireland / Northern Ireland) and West (International). It is the United Kingdom's sixt largest airport complex.
I used the airport in Glasgow probably more than hundreds of times as I fly three times per month out of the complex to London.

The past five years I've parked my vehicle at almost all the parking lots Glasgow airport has on offer including several off airport parking services. Because I have used the parking services so many times I guess I'm not bragging if I say that by now I'm an airport parking specialist. I always choose to park my car at one of the parking facilities before my flight takes off. At Glasgow airport you do not have to consider near which terminal you want to park as the airport operates only one comprehensive terminal.

I've had the chance to try all the provided services and I think that they all are quite the same. They are all securely secured and professionally operated. The only difference between the firms is obviously the situation and the prices that they charge for the various car parking options they offer.

Directly outside the airport terminal is the restricted area for pick-ups and drop-offs. The Glasgow airport itself has a multi-storey car parking lot providing spaces for short-stay and fast-track parking. Before you drive your car into this modern facility you'll have to get a voucher from the barrier and when you return from your journey the parking fee can be paid at one of the pay stations which you can find in the multi-storey park. Alternately you can pay by credit card at the barrier close to the terminal exit of the long-term parking amenity.

Direct access to the airport terminal building is provided by the short-term parking facility which is most convenient for those who wish to park their car for two or three hours. Attractive daily parking fees are available at the fast track facility on the ground floor. However, these special prices are only for passengers who pre-booked their parking online. There is a transfer service to and from the terminal, which runs every ten minutes, departing from the long-term parking car park. This facility is the best choice for fliers who are going on a long holiday or voyage. Services are reasonably priced and for those who booked car parking beforehand online are lucrative discounted fees available.

You also have the option to make use of the services which the valet parking option offers. It is by far the most laid-back way of having your car parked. One of the company's staff will meet you at a certain time at the airport terminal. He or she will drive your car to a well-secured compound not too far from the airport where it will be parked for you. Once you come back in Glasgow a driver will meet you at the same spot again and have your car ready for you. Obviously this service is more expensive compared with the other available options.

The best way of arranging your parking needs at Glasgow airport is by booking it in advance online. There are several excellent internet services which offer the easiest and fastest way of booking car parking. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of arranging parking through the internet. The aggregated car parking companies which serve Glasgow Airport offer simply the finest deals across all the available options. Booking online using the below mentioned websites is guaranteed hassle-free.

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LaGuardia Airport Parking For the Busy Traveler

There are 7 LaGuardia Airport parking facilities and about 3 large off-airport private parking locations serving air passengers departing from or arriving at LGA. If you spend just a few minutes in advance to familiarize yourself with a bit with the airport layout and to reserve your spot, parking at LaGuardia airport should not be that much of a problem.

The airport-run parking facilities are located in strategic locations near the terminals: site 1 (parking lot) and site 2 (garage) are both located near the Central Terminal Building; site 3 (for LGA long-term parking) is near the CTB and the US Airways Terminal; parking sites 4 and 5 are located near the Delta Airways terminal; and finally, LaGuardia Airport parking lots 6 and 7 and the metered parking lot are close to the Marine Air Terminal.

LGA, sadly, has earned some degree of notoriety for flight delays – it was voted as the worst airport in the United States in 2009 due to this problem – a complete reversal of its fortunes, I suppose (in 1960, La Guardia was voted as the best airport in the world by the aviation community, at that time). Still, it's the airport near to Manhattan, which is a compelling enough reason for busy New Yorkers to keep using it. With over 20 million passengers passing through the airport every year, LaGuardia Airport parking can be a bit of a hassle especially around the holidays.

Short-term parking at LaGuardia Airport lots 1,4,5,6, and 7 costs about $ 3 for the first half hour, $ 6 for up to two hours, and $ 3 for every hour after the first two, with a daily cap of $ 33 . Again, these are short-term parking rates and ideal for those who are staying for no more than a few hours at the airport. These lots can actually be used for parking of up to 30 days, but no long-term parking rate discounts are available.

Parking lot 3 is the only lot reserved for long-term parking at LGA. The rates are slightly lower than $ 66 for the first 48 hours and $ 6 for each additional 8 hours. These rates are standard in practice every airport in the US, but it obviously would still cost you an arm and a leg to park in this so-called long-term parking lot, if you're looking at a month-long trip.

In my opinion, the only viable option for long-term LaGuardia Airport parking are those offered by the off-airport parking facilities. These are efficient and quality service facilities owned by companies who specialize in the airport parking industry. There's AirPark along Ditmars Blvd, Dollar airport parking at 94th St, and Avistar on 23rd Ave. For a 7 day trip, parking would cost anywhere from $ 119 to $ 170 with AirPark offering the lowest rate. Before you book your flight, make sure you have the correct rates by calling the facility or logging on to their site. You might also want to find out about shuttle or valet service, discounts, and reduced rates for certain types of payment methods.

LaGuardia Airport parking should be on top of your check list, if you've opted to fly out of LGA for its convenient proxies to Manhattan. Finding a good parking spot, though, is a breeze if you know your options. Go ahead, place your reservation and have a safe trip.

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London Hotels for St George’s Day

With St. George’s Day fast approaching, falling just next month on 23rd April, the mad rush to make a hotel booking may not be occurring just yet, but believe us – it will.

Immortalised in the tale of St. George and the Dragon, St. George’s Day sees thousands of people patriotically celebrate the patron Saint of England. This will see many descend on London to do so, with many probably deciding to travel to London without any hotel bookings or accommodation. It is for this reason that making an advanced hotel booking is of great importance.

Possessing a major, worldwide reputation as a fantastic tourist hotspot with a number of fantastic hotels, London is immensely busy on a standard day, but on the day celebrating England’s patron Saint – it can be guaranteed that London will be heaving with tourists.

Making a hotel booking in advance could ensure that not only you can spend the day celebrating in the most memorable way possible, but it also means you have somewhere decent to stay – a good hotel to sleep off a heavy evening.

Due to the sheer amount of hotels that the capital has to offer, we’ve created a short guide, documenting four of the best London hotels that you could stay in this St. George’s Day:

The Hyde Park Hotel, Leinster Square: Offering the kind of exterior commonly associated with the West End but with an added freshness, this new hotel certainly lives up to expectation. Studio rooms in this hotel come with high standards clearly in mind. Each room comes equipped with a mini kitchen, flat screen television and access to high speed internet. Overall, in our opinion, this is a hotel that certainly should be booked in advance.

Hampstead Britannia Hotel, Primrose Hill Road: Located very close to both Regents Park and the vibrant Camden Town, this hotel may be slightly more basic than the Hyde Park Hotel; however what it lacks in style, it more than makes up for in location. With a number of designer stores, restaurants, cafes and bars in its vicinity, a stay at the Hampstead Britannia Hotel will ensure that St. George’s Day is spent in the most eventful way.

Apex City of London Hotel, Seething Lane: Possessing an exterior that would set itself on a par with many of its European counterparts, this Apex City Hotel offers both comfort and style. All rooms contain the basics like widescreen satellite televisions complimented with abstract art pieces. Advanced walk-in showers and a pillow menu (to help keep that aching head comfortable?) show that all the stops will be pulled out.

Rafayel Hotel, Lombard Road: Okay, it is a long shot – we know, but this hotel is just that special. The Rafayel Hotel is located in the fashionable South West London and is the area’s most luxurious, eco-conscious property. State-of-the-art technology and stunning views which overlook the Thames allow for those guests who just want to celebrate St. George’s day in a quiet manner to do so spectacularly. It should be noted that with a five star hotel rating, this hotel comes at a price.

So why not beat the rush and make a hotel booking today.

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Titanium Use in Airplane Parts

Titanium is a useful material for constructing airplane parts for many reasons. For one, titanium is an alloy metal that is extremely light. For aircraft, this quality is critical as the aircraft must be light enough to lift from the ground without requiring more powerful (and bigger) engines to propel it. Titanium's strength is also critical as aircraft experience harsh conditions and high work loads. In all, titanium is just what the doctor ordered for the large majority of fabricated sub-assemblies, which necessitate a low weight, long service life and high strength.

Titanium is able to end numerous types of damage with little impact on the metal alloy itself. Titanium is able to hold up under heat and chemicals will not cause damage to the external composition of titanium. Environmental exposures do not break down titanium, even over long periods of time. Industrial damage will not affect the external structure. Furthermore, corrosive contaminants are not a concern when it comes to titanium products.

When specifically considering aircraft engines, titanium proves to be an invaluable asset. Beginning in the 1980s, internal titanium sub-components have been used in airplane engines successfully. This amazing metal has been applied in the making of many engine parts including impellers, turbine stators, thrust outlet sheaths, typical rotating and static engine parts, compression disks and bearings. This alloy is typically applied in areas that require an exceptionally high strength, significant durability and low weight. These are critical elements, which must be considered when building an aircraft.

Another imperative area that requires great strength combined with light weight is the wing. Wing components are often compressed of titanium. In general, titanium is utilized when fabricating internal sub-assemblies which are capable of accommodating especially high flight loads. Titanium is also often used in the internal structure of the wing, particularly in wing boxes or wing spars related to the variable airfoil designs. In such a case, usual loads connected with static wing configurations are significantly magnified.

It is simple to understand the attraction of the use of titanium when constructing aircraft. Because of the many qualities of titanium, both airplane safety and performance are improved through the use of this magnetic material. Many modern designs feature titanium in the construction, if not overly than within the inner mechanisms of the aircraft itself. Airplane owners and passengers alike benefit, thanks to the strength and light weight factors that titanium possesses that help make aircraft perform better as well as be safer.

Source by Mike Allin

Finding That Cheap Car Rental

Certain situations arise that institute a desire for a cheap car rental. It could be because we were in an accident and need a car while our own car is being fixed. It could be because we are going away for the weekend and we are not sure that our car will make it. So we rent a car, which will get us where we need to go. Or some of us rent a car to go on vacations. We do this either because we think the trip will be to hard on our own cars or we just want a more comfortable ride. Whatever reason we rent cars, how many of us know how cheap car rental can be? In this article we will tell you about some places to rent cars at a good price.

There are many different car rental places available out there. You probably have quite a few in the city where you live. It's probably pretty easy for you to just pick up the phone and call and reserve a car. But are you getting the best deal? Maybe not, but there are ways to make sure you are getting the cheapest car rental around.

Number one, shop around, and never call just one place. Call all the places in your area and tell them exactly what you want and tell them you are calling around for the best deal. Chances are if they want your business then they are going to work with you and tell you what their cheapest deals are.

Number two, Go online! Go to someplace like Priceline.com. When you enter all the information on what you need it will give you a list of all the rental companies in the area surrounding your location. It will tell you what each company returns the cars for. So this way you can choose the best deal.

Renting a car is not as expensive as you may think. But it does depend on where you live because the prices are a little higher in some areas. And how long you reserve it before you pick it up can also affect the price. But let us give you an example. Lets say the car is needed in Los Angeles. If you reserve an economy car within six days of pick up it will only cost you $ 11.00 a day. A compact car will be $ 13 a day if you reserve it up within seven days of pickup. A mid size car will be $ 13 a day if reserved within six days of pickup. These are all weekend deals. Not bad at all. That is less then $ 45 for a whole weekend.

Some places will give you a better discount if you reserve it a few weeks ahead of time. Sometimes they will offer you an even better discount if you need it for a longer period of time. If you can be a thrifty and savvy shopper a cheap car rental can be a reality.

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The nearest airport to Bangkok,

When on long haul flights, it's vital to get yourself as comfortable as possible, so that you can have a kind, relaxing journey. No one wants to be on a plane, especially when there is stressed and in an uncomfortable position for any part of the trip.

I've been on many long haul flights in my lifetime, and have a number of things I always do, so as to make my trip as enjoyable as I possibly can.

The first thing I do when boarding a plane for a long haul flight is to take off my shoes. Personally, I feel a great sense of relief when I can take my shoes off, as I can stretch my toes, get the circulation flowing properly again, and it's just a great feeling.

Talking about getting the circulation going, it's also important to stretch your legs. I do this by simply going for a walk down the isle every couple of hours. Obviously, you do not want to keep on walking past people, as there trying to sleep, but this really can not be helped. If you need to disguise it, put yourself in a position on the place so as you have to have a little stroll to go to the toilets. Go to the toilets and give your legs a shake just to get some life back into them again. Do this every couple of hours if possible. This also avoids the onset of DVT, or Deep Vain Thrombosis. On this note, if you do need to go to the toilet frequently, try not to sit in the seat closest to the window, as it will prove very frustrating to the passengers sitting closest to you if they have to get up on your goal every few minutes.

Drink plenty of fluids, obviously taking care to avoid alcohol, as this would have the opposite effect to what we want as this will cause dehydration. The body needs fluids at regular intervals. It's amazing how many people think, just cause there sitting down on a plane and not moving around too much, that they do not need to take on water. Your body is mostly made up of water, and if you do not get enough you'll feel terrible, and even worse could end up in a serious condition. Not just water, but it's a good idea to also bring some snacks on board the plane as well. I'm not a fan of plane food, so I'll try to bring on healthy foods for myself to snack on if possible. Normally, I'll bring a large pack of cashew nuts, as I love the taste, and they usually fill me up and keep me going for long lengths of time. Sandwiches are also a good idea, as are biscuits, although there is obviously not too healthy, depending on the type.

Another thing which makes the time fly is to bring along some kind of entertainment. No body wants to be on a plane twiddling their thumbs for a 8 hour journey. Hopefully, if you're lucky, your flight will have a film featured, either with a screen on the back of the chair in front of you, or on the movie wall. If not, and if finances right, bring your own film, which you'll be able to watch on your phone or personal media player. If films are not your thing, listen to music. Personally, I get fed up listening to music after a while, so I'll bring along some comedy mp3s. The people around me might think they have a weirdo local to them with me laughing every minute, but at least I'm enjoying my trip, and I'll try not to laugh too loud.

If you do not have the means to watch a movie or listen to mp3's, why not bring along a magazine, newspaper or book. I'm a big fan of reading, so I'll bring all sorts of literature which I've got especially for this reason.

Even the best of us can struggle to entertain ourselves for lengths at a time, so another option is to simply catch up on some rest, and fall sleep. To give yourself maximum comfort, get a neck support pillow. If you have trouble sleeping due to the noise made by others around you, get yourself an eye mask to block out the light, and purchase a set of noise cancelling headphones which will aid in minimizing the noise pollution around you. Who would have thought you could be this comfortable on a plane?

If you suffer from motion sickness, it's a good idea to let the steward know before hand so that they can keep an eye on you, and also so that they'll be prepared in case you do need attention. If possible, it's also a very good idea to get motion fatigue patches or take the motion sickness pill.

Not many people have much choice about where they sit on the plane, as there assigned a specific row on the flight, but if you kick up a big enough fuss, and the place is not completely full, you may be able to move. This is perfect if you've got a crying baby near to you, not what you need on a long haul flight.

Also, try to avoid sitting to close to the toilets as stated earlier in this article. The reason for this is because it's a congregation area. People will gather around the toilet while they wait for their turn, they may strike up a conversation, lean against your seat, all of which are very irritating if you're trying to relax.

Lastly, if you're sitting on the seat closest to the isle, be sure to keep your legs and arms clear of the isle, the last thing you need is a trolley to the kneecap like which happened to me on my last flight, ouch .

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Mexican Retirement Communities – Getting to and From Cozumel Island

Cozumel real estate is in the unique situation of being located on an island; while this may create some concern for real estate buyers about transportation to and from the island, transportation is readily available at reasonable prices. Just as importantly, the island itself offers a full range of services, conveniences and products, making it a top choice among Mexico retirement communities.

Located on an island, Cozumel's international airport provides most of the transportation needed by retirees and other residents. During the last week of June, 2010, for example, the airport received 37 international flights – over five a day – carrying a total of 5,550 passengers, including both tourists and residents of the island. Some of the destinations included Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, and Toronto; these are only a few of the locations to which direct flights are offered. Direct return flights to many parts of North America can be found for about $ 600 US, and connecting flights for as low as $ 400.

Flights for reasonable prices are also available to most parts of Mexico and many other international locations. Cheap flights to the nearby cities of Cancun and Merida are also readily available. If you happen to be on the mainland, the larger selection of flights from Cancun also adds some well priced options.

Flying is not the only way on and off the island; the ferry to Playa del Carmen runs every hour on most days, and costs a little over $ 10 (one way). From Playa del Carmen relatively low priced taxis, car rentals and tour buses are available for getting around on the mainland of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Although transportation to and from the island is easily available, Cozumel itself provides complete services for a retirement community. In fact, boat lovers may wish to take advantage of marina services to enjoy sailing over to main land, or even going on a longer tour. Golf is also available on Cozumel, and many communities offer facilities for tennis and other sports.

Sight seeing is also a favorite here, with a beautiful, traditional, Mexican town center, many Mayan pyramid sites and beautiful nature all around, those who enjoy their retirement here, never tire of the surroundings which play such an important part in the atmosphere of relaxation. And, of course, there's always the miles and miles of wide beaches to enjoy!

Source by Rita Sheese

Hotel Deals – Avoid the Current Frauds Around Hotels!

Due to the financial crisis, it is common for people to try to save money. Tourists who are on a budget are likely to search hotel deals, with the hope of finding a nice place where to spend their holidays. However, most of the tourists that go for hotel deals should be aware of some facts to avoid becoming scam victims.

Be extra suspicious if someone claiming to be a travel agent approaches you in the airport to offer you a special discount on a hotel stay. Most likely, you will find that such discounts do not exist, and you will end up paying the highest rates in the market, if you go for the hotel they offer.

In addition, there is a scam going on at airports currently, which you should be aware of. Many times con persons disguised in uniforms will approach you claiming that there is a bomb threat in the airport, and that you will need to stay in a hotel for that night. If you trust them they will lead you to a fleabag hotel, and steal your stuff. Always ask for credentials, and be suspicious if someone approaches you with this kind of claims. Furthermore, airports are like the home of con artists, so you have to keep your eyes wide open, to avoid becoming a victim.

Many times, while at the airport, you will find that someone approaches you claiming that they work with the hotel you chose for your stay. They will say that they are there to drive you, but instead of taking you to your hotel, they will take you to a more expensive one.

This scam also functions in other forms. The con artists may drive you to an isolated place to rob you, or worse, even kidnap you. You can never be too careful when it comes to hotel deals scams. Do not get into anyone's vehicle, unless they can prove somehow that they work with your hotel.

Most times, if a hotel deal looks so good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes you choose to go for a hotel deal and you find yourself in a time share talk. In order to get the special rate, you have to listen to their whole speech, and accept to be chased by sale persons who will try to sell you a time share no matter what.

In addition, if you receive a phone call in which you are told that you are eligible for a special hotel deal, be extra careful. Most times, the person on the other side of the phone will try to get your credit card and personal information, and you will find later that they have been placing charges on your card.

Never give your personal or credit card information over the phone, if you want to avoid scams. It is always better to deal directly with a known travel agency. If they call you to offer you a special rate on a hotel, before you take it, do an Internet search to get more information; most probably you are not their first victim.

Source by Julian Lenox